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WELLFN----the cooling solution for hydraulic system ,lubrication system ,power system. WELLFN- You will always be a reliable partner.

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WELLFN——Professional manufacturer of air/oil cooler. Wuxi WELLFN Hydraulic technology co.,LTD.,is located in the beautiful scenic of wuxi new district, The company has been dedicating themselves to design, make“energy conservation ,environment Protection ,High efficiency”cooling system, Now we have six series with many kinds of productions which can widely used in the vocation of CNC ,construction machinery ,wind power ,shipbuilding industry ,injection molding machine, metallurgy, pharmacy, port, lubrication system (Gear box.) Our air cooling system ,water cooling system and oil cooling system can cover all the different vocations which can meet different demands from customers.
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WELLFN——Provide solutions for cooling of hydraulic system and lubrication system. WELLFN——Always be your reliable partner.

Wuxi WELLFN Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Wuxi WELLFN Technology Co., Ltd.
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